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Be Red Cloud v1.1.1.1

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Be Red Cloud v1.1.1.1

Post by DeathStalker on Tue May 05, 2015 12:11 am

Be Red Cloud v1.1.1.1

Requires Android
4.0.3 and up

Live the Indian dream in 3D, join a tribe, challenge other players worldwide and rise through their ranks.
Become a chief! "Be Red Cloud!"
Hunt dangerous animals, like pumas or mighty grizzlies, gather resources and craft new and powerful weapons.
Challenge other players worldwide in multiplayer mode and compete with them in sneaking, tracking and hunting.
Become the best Indian the world has seen - "Be Red Cloud"
Be Red Cloud is completely free - Some content, like beaver skins, can only be bought with real money.
This game requires at least 1GB memory.
"Be Red Cloud" MMOG Features:
* A dynamic and compelling 3D world
* Join one of 3 tribes - Lakota Sioux, Comanche or Pawnee, become the best of your tribe!
* Over 20 different huntable animals
* Over 100 different weapons and upgrades
* 12 epic missions, where you become a real indian
* 3 sandbox regions, where you can freely hunt and dispose animals
* Challenge other players worldwide
* Customize your favorite Indian with over 130 clothes

What's New
- improved UI response time
- overhauled animal AI
- added preview and new items for character creator
- added assignable win & lose taunts to character creator
- added tracking system where user can view progress & stats
- added daily & weekly quests
- added hidden collectable chiefs which unlock items in the character creator
- added 3 new crafting levels
- added new languages: French, Spanish, Russian, Japanese, Chinese

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