Block Fortress: War v1.00.03.0

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Block Fortress: War v1.00.03.0 Empty Block Fortress: War v1.00.03.0

Post by DeathStalker on Sat Apr 25, 2015 5:20 pm

Block Fortress: War v1.00.03.0
Requires Android
2.3 and up

Block Fortress: War v1.00.03.0 Fd4Tmt_qO0kY5SC0EMirAbAxBbtZQIX47gUZYKNqXMwhCsHx0fijeMQI1DDPJNtMgxEW=h310-rwBlock Fortress: War v1.00.03.0 M_tGWS9q_XVQW2vsPAN5U2lJf23LOd4vC7FDFLBw5LCF84ymyMGthhrqL_26gRKSsg=h310-rw

Welcome to the Blockverse: an alternate and blocky dimension, home to a diverse collection of alien civilizations. These creatures have been waging war for eons, and now you can take control of an army and join the fray!
• Block-building meets real-time-strategy in an action-packed and tactical game.
• Play as one of five races, each with their own unique troops, heroes, and blocks.
• Choose to control one of over a dozen heroes, each with different strengths, weaknesses, weapons, and abilities.
• Customize your army from a huge selection of equipment for each race.
• Build elaborate and powerful defenses by placing blocks, turrets, bombs, and more.
• Fight your way through a massive campaign on five different planets.
• Battle your friends and climb the leaderboards in 1v1 multiplayer, powered by Google Play Services.

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